Repairing Jewellery Yourself

Is it Difficult?

Repairing jewellery can be a fun thing to do, or a nightmare, depending on the item carry out jewellery repairs yourselfthat needs repairing. Most hand crafted items can be mended merely using the materials you used to make the piece, and repaired with say twenty minutes work. Then you have the more difficult fixes for more expensive jewellery, this could range from replacing a broken link in a cherished necklace or bracelet, to soldering a seam together on a prized wedding ring. There are some repairs that should not be done by yourself, but rather by a professional who knows a thing or two about jewellery repairs.

The cleaning part

Most jewellery is normally affected by a lack of attention on the owners behalf, this neglect will more than likely lead to tarnishing of the metal (most likely silver most of the time) and cause it to lose it’s shine or ‘appeal’ if you will. This can be treated with applications of various concoctions, using cleaning materials is a valued way of cleaning up your silvers too, cleaning products like Duraglit is a great way of removing tarnish marks and bringing out the gleam of your precious rings or bracelets.

The jewellery repairs part

This is where only the brave should tread, but again this depends upon the type of repair you are going to do. Every thing from a basic rethreading of a bead on a necklace, carrying out your own jewellery repairs, changing watch batteries to repairing a broken band of a ring can be done by yourself. The last one requires a bit of know how and technical ability to carry out by yourself with special equipment like a soldering iron, wick and solder, but as mentioned earlier if you aren’t comfortable with that you should really use a professional to carry out these tasks. Overall there are a lot of repairs you can make yourself with a little gumption and perseverance, and the satisfaction of doing this yourself will be worth all the pain. 🙂