What is a glossmeter?

A glossmeter is also referred to as a gloss meter. It is an instrument which is used to measure the reflection of gloss on a surface. The gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of light which is reflected at an equal but opposite angle.

There are many gloss meters available in the market depending on the type of service you wish to measure gloss on.

Construction of a gloss meter                                       

A typical gloss meter consists of a mechanically assembled light source that projects a parallel beam of light onto the test surface to be measured and filtered to receive and locate the rays of light reflected from the surface.

Standards of a gloss-meter

20° High gloss

Coatings, plastics and related materials

60° Medium gloss

Coatings, plastics and related materials

85° Low gloss

Coatings, plastics and related materials

45° Medium gloss


75° Low Gloss


Development of a gloss meter

A gloss meter is the most useful instrument in marketing for the purpose of measuring gloss. However, unfortunately, it is not sensitive to other common effects which reduce appearance quality including haze and orange peel. There are other instruments in the market which can do this though.

Haze = the surface will have a milky effect and is caused by a microscopic surface structure.

Orange peel = this is caused by an uneven surface distorting the light reflection.